Thanks to its lakes, streams and rivers, Mazamet and its surroundings are favourable for fishing in somptuous places. (Re)discover No Kill fishing, the fish farming of the Gourp de la Loutre and pontoon bridges suitable for everybody.

Pêche au lac des Montagnès ©Fédération de Pêche du Tarn et Melting k.
Pêche dans l'Arnette ©fede-pêche-tarn-et-melting-k

No Kill

This experience is more and more used, that is drop the fish into the water-without hurting it- after catching it… Discover our courses, have pleasure in beautiful natural spaces.

Being lucky, apart from finding big fish, you may meet great champions like Jean-Benoit Angély, European champion and champion of France for fly –fishing, individual ; he is a world champion with his team since last December. He should come in our surroundings.

Fishing carps by night

That is in the “lac des Montagnès”. All year long, from half an hour after sunset to half an hour before sunrise ; you can also practice it in “la Borde Basse” and in the river Agout next to the Miredames bridge in Castres.

Pêche en pisciculture Gourp de la loutre Mazamet

Le Gourp de la Loutre

It is a tremendous fishing –farm, above Mazamet. It is possible for children to fish like adults and go back home with a fish ; it is also possible to cook it and eat there, thanks to barbecues. Hiking paths, picnic areas and a mini animal-farm are also on the spot.

Peaceful pontoon bridges

At the lake of Montagnès and in En Laure in Labruguière, you have access to them. They are easily accessible to disabled persons.

Respect the quotas and rules of course!

Ponton handipêche En Laure Labruguière ©Fédé Pêche Tarn
Practictal informations

If you want to fish and you do not have your licence, you can come at the Mazamet Tourist Office.

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