Arthur Batut Photography Gallery

Arthur Batut, a 19th century photographer, is the first man to ever have taken aerial photographs. In the heart of the city of Labruguière, a photography gallery bearing his name pays homage to this trailblazing artist and talented portrait painter. A must-see.

Arthur Batut, a pioneer

Born in 1846 in Castres, his passion for research and history led him to photography. He worked on standard portraits then on aerial photography taken from kites! He is passionate about “images of the invisible”, the production of blurs, lighting effects at a time when these were hardly considered at all. Today, he is recognized worldwide, as shown by some of his works exhibited in 2013 at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York! So great!

A reflection of his research

Reflecting his work, this gallery will let you better discover his art through 25 display cases, 3 screens, a multitude of photos (aerials and portraits), but also kites, cameras… In addition, this space also features temporary exhibitions and conferences, and has a large documentary collection.


Arthur Batut Photography Gallery, Centre culturel Le Rond-Point, 

1 place de l’Europe 81290 LABRUGUIERE 

Tél. 05 63 82 10 60

Opening hours are identical to Cultural Centre “Le Rond-Point”

The admission is free. Paying guided visit available on request.