Goya Museum

The Goya Museum in Castres or how to discover (or rediscover) Hispanic Art through certain immortal / eternal works by Goya, Velasquez or Murillo.

2nd largest collection of Hispanic Art in France

Located in the former Episcopal Palace, next to the Garden of the Bishop’s Palace, the Theatre and the Saint-Benoit Cathedral in Castres, the Goya Museum houses the 2nd largest collection of Hispanic Art in France after that of the Louvre!

With a large part devoted to the Renaissance and the Spanish Golden Age, namely the 17th century (not only religious art), one can of course contemplate paintings and also engravings, sculptures, ancient weapons …

This museum has a beautiful part of the quintessence of Hispanic art from Antiquity to today: 3 major works by Goya at the top of his art, a superb Picasso, pearls of Velasquez, Pacheco or Murillo… You are going to be blown away.

A Museum of Hispanic Art in Castres… Why ???

First of all, there has been a museum in Castres since the middle of the 19th century. But it is thanks to the local collector and painter, Marcel Briguiboul, that it has a Hispanic vocation: indeed, it was the gift to the town of his private collection in 1894 which gave him this vocation. In 1949, a series of deposits from the Louvre majestically confirmed this.

A final in apotheosis

This museum also allows you to see the evolution of Hispanic paintings over the centuries. To finally arrive in the 20th century and end the tour in apotheosis with, in particular, the immense Picasso, one of the greatest artists of all time and his painting “Bust of a man writing” made on the evening of his life. Sumptuous.

Practical information

A dozen rooms to discover

Every 6 months a new temporary exhibition

A vast museum – Count between 1h and 1h30 to have enough time to contemplate all the works

Various activities: Night of Museums / Heritage Day / Children’s Workshops according to the annual programme / Conferences throughout the year