The Archaeological Center – CERAC

Have you ever been to the CERAC archaeological center in Castres? It is, in a way, a gate unto another space-time : so, why not walk through its doors, discover a forgotten world and learn a little more about our prehistoric and medieval past.

A journey into the past

Neolithic, Paleolithic, Bronze Age, Stone Age, Protohistory… Unravel all of this gently at the CERAC: one room is fully devoted to prehistory and its different ages, while another covers the Middle Ages. Explanatory panels will teach you a lot about life in Castres during these different eras. Remains of tools, flint, ceramics and amphorae have been well preserved.

Wake up the archaeologist in you!

Because there was already human life (and what life!) as early as Prehistory in Castres, come and play the archaeologist’s apprentice through initiations to archaeological excavations and even workshops for children throughout the year. Conferences and the library will allow everyone to dig into the history of ancient Castres.


CERAC Archaeological Center

Domaine de Gourjade, 81100 CASTRES – +33 (0)9 66 41 15 56

Opening hours: Tuesday to Friday afternoons and every other Saturday. Free entry.