La Maison des Mémoires de Mazamet

If you are passing through Mazamet, don’t forget to stop by the Maison des Mémoires. It is a magnificent 18th century bourgeois house, guardian of the rich history of the valley. Located in the heart of the city, it houses the Catharism Museum and is also an exhibition space. A superb detour!

Exposition Maison des Mémoires ©J. Camp
Maison des Mémoires Mazamet ©J. Camp

An amazing house

You will no doubt notice the particular style of this house. It is a superb 18th century bourgeois house named “Maison Fuzier”. It is a beautiful vestige of the great wool trading  era which made up the wealth of the valley for a century (1850-1950). Inside, you can admire atypical architecture and sumptuous lounges with period pieces.

Salon Maison des Mémoires ©J. Camp

Local culture and history

The Maison des Mémoires frequently hosts exhibitions highlighting the art, history and culture of the Mazamet basin. There is a permanent exhibition of models of Cathar castles from E. Fuchs, which may make you want to go and see the real ones with your own eyes! The basement is dedicated to temporary exhibitions. It is rumored that the next one may be dedicated to local rugby legend, Lucien Mias!

The Cathar Museum

Mazamet and more specifically Hautpoul are strongly linked to Cathar history. The Catharism Museum, occupying the entire 1st floor of the Maison des Mémoires, proudly recounts that history. Panels, audio guides, touch pads, videos, copies of scrolls or models will help you understand this fascinating epic. Not to be missed!

Good to know

All spaces are accessible to people with reduced mobility