Camino de Santiago (the Way of St. James)

Castres is located on the road to Santiago de Compostela. Thus, from April to November, many pilgrims take the road and offer themselves a bright and special moment in their existence …

On the road again

Located on the Arles route, Castres is generally the end point of the Boissezon-Castres stage, and the starting point for Dourgne and its beautiful abbeys of En Calcat and Sainte-Scolastique.

Often alone, sometimes accompanied by animals (dog, donkey or horse), or in small groups, walking pilgrims, and  also cyclists, make the Way or part of it. 

Hundreds of pilgrims, from France and many nations, pass throught Castres each year and walk towards Spain, onto Compostela.

To the rhythm of his heart

Even if the Way is associated with the Catholic religion, everyone comes to look for something different: meetings, redemption, hindsight, hope, questioning about its life, spirituality or also a sporting challenge.

Beautiful landscapes, stunning view points, tourist and cultural discoveries are often part of the pilgrimage where everyone goes at their own pace.

Shells and credentials

The famous yellow scallop shells on the crosses allow pilgrims to easily follow their route. In Castres, apart from these, there are many references to Saint-Jacques and the Way: shell-shaped fountains, Saint-Jacques Church, sculpted shells, as well as the large statue of the Autan Pilgrim walking against the wind on Place Carnot.

The Tourist Office stamp for credentials (a kind of passport essential for pilgrims) is also in the shape of a shell.


Possibility to buy a passport (10 €) or to have it stamped

Accomodation list, Bus timetables, maps of the Tarn

Treasure hunt on the theme of Saint Jacques for sale (2€)