Boissezon is a small picturesque village full of charm, located between Castres and Mazamet, south of Sidobre, and in the Haut-Languedoc Regional Natural Park. artists ‘village, a crossing point of the Camino de Santiago de Compostela, it also houses a Memorial Museum for Peace, the “Militarial”. Boissezon, a beautiful detour!

An artists' village

Situated High up, Boissezon is a small artists ‘village. Several of them have galleries or workshops, more or less, open to the public according to the period open to the public during certain periods of the year.  

Feel free to open the door of theses galleries (whenever possible) to discover talented works by local artists: paintings, sculptures, drawings, collages … Great discoveries in perspective!

Mairie de Boissezon

1, rue du Fort
81490 Boissezon
 05 63 50 52 59 -

At the crossroads…

Boissezon is often the start and finish of a stage of Saint-Jacques de Compostelle, to then enter Castres. Located on the Arles road, our village arrives after the “mountain” before joining Castres’ plain.

The nature that surrounds it is rich and varied. Furthermore, Boissezon is also the starting point for several hiking circuits.

Objective : Peace

“Le Militarial” is a Peace Memorial Museum. Located in an old 11th century fort, this museum looks back on the 20th century’s armed conflicts” via a multitude of costumes, objects and numerous works. Vast, it thus contains more than 5000 (!) military objects; this museum is of real historical interest. To discover absolutely!

Le Militarial

Musée Mémorial pour la Paix
Le Militarial
La Bastide du Fort
81490 Boissezon
 05 63 50 86 30

A gothic church

This Church, dedicated to Saint-Baptiste, dominates the very high village of Boissezon. It is located there was formerly a castle. The tower of this gothic church has 5 bells. 

Inside, two fresco dating to the late 18th and early 19th century, as well as coloured stained glass give it a special beauty.