On a rocky peak of the Montagne Noire, lies the small picturesque village of Hautpoul. Shipwrecked in history, you can still see beautiful vestiges of the Middle Ages, as well as splendid panoramas of the Mazamet valley and its surroundings.

Hautpoul ©T. Ribes

Hautpoul with golden eggs ...

Hautpoul, what a discovery! This extraordinary village is endowed with a beautiful medieval heritage and has an important place in the history of the territory: Catharism, wars between Catholics and Protestants … Yes, this site is of a historical, cultural but also natural “richness”.

Since September 2018, a last jewel has been added: a gigantic passerelle! It is the joy of hikers or families, curious to discover a new attraction.

Passerelle Mazamet

Forest and dizzying walks

Hautpoul is at the crossroads of several hikes. The installation of the famous passerelle offers a multitude of options, of different levels, but above all allows an original and offbeat way to walk between the town of Mazamet and the village of Hautpoul.

To be absolutely photographed:

some sublime views, in particular those from the rock of the Virgin or the terraces of the old chateau.

The fabulous visit by torchlight

As in the Middle Ages when people only had candlelight, the Tourist Office has “taken up the torch” to offer you great tours of Hautpoul. At nightfall, a guide takes you through the steep streets of the village, only lit by the burning torches. In this timeless and luminous universe, it will make you relive the legends and the great hours of Hautpoul: simply fascinating!

Hautpoulois feasting and warfare

The companions of the Rocque d’Hautpoul invite you to relive the 13th century. The association’s “Skirmishers” organize shows and events to immerse you in the heart of medieval life. Sempré fidèle! Rebel totjorn! Autpoul! Autpoul!

(Faithful to Never! Always Rebel! Hautpoul! Hautpoul!)

La Rocque d'Hautpoul ©Paradoxe photo
Porte du château bas de Hautpoul ©J. Camp

Go through the door ...

Dare to go through the gate of Hautpoul’s lower castle and discover the village as you have never seen it! For fans of the game of the seven differences, will you be able to find the difference with today?

Informations Pratiques

The medieval village of Hautpoul is a hilltop village, exclusively pedestrian. Be careful, it's climbing!

In the village, shops, crafts, catering and snacks.