To avoid going around in circles, why not take a walk in the round town of Labruguière? Here, a small melting pot of culture, art, heritage and nature awaits you. Let’s explore the old town, the “Rond Point”, the Arthur Batut Photographic Space, and the Domaine d’en Laure. Just Go !!

From Labruguière with love

Located between Castres and Mazamet, crossed by the waters of the river Thoré, Labruguière is a small corner of the Tarn where it is good to live. With a historic center dating from the Middle Ages, it has a beautiful built architecture: among others, timber-framed Houses, the Church of Saint-Thyrs with bell tower and choir classified as Historic Monuments and the 13th-century market hall.

As you might guess, Labruguière is full of charm and well worth a visit.

A circular town

There is little chance of getting bored in this cultural center where various activities take place : cinema, (with a fine Art & Essay program and Youth films), media library, concert hall with concerts, theaters, dances, as well as the Photographic Space Arthur Batut. With a varied cultural program, festivals and a real dynamism, it is an important driving force of the town.

Centre culturel Le Rond-Point

1, Place de l'Europe - 81290 Labruguière
Tel: 05 63 82 10 60

Opening Hours
Lundi : 14h-18h30
Mardi : 10h-12h / 14h-18h30
Mercredi : 10h-12h / 13h-18h30
Jeudi : 10h-12h / 14h-18h30
Vendredi : 10h-12h

Kites & photographs

Did you know that long before satellites & drones, aerial photography existed and was invented by Arthur Batut (first aerial photography by kite) in the 19th century? The Photographic Space that bears his name allows you to fully understand his forward-thinking research, his vision of artist, author of numerous portraits in particular and to see a good selection of his work.

Espace photographique Arthur Batut

Tél. 05 63 82 10 60

Opening hours are identical to Cultural Centre "Le Rond Point" - Self-guided tours: The admission is free. Paying guided visit available on request. - information at the Centre

Labruguière, panneau de Randonnées au Domaine d'en Laure

Getaway to Domaine d’En Laure

This enchanting nature park (lake, mountain views, beautiful maintained area surrounded by forest) with picnic area should allow you a good moment of relaxation and escape, alone, as a couple or or with family. Fishing, games for children, walks can also be part of the program.

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