Our others towns and villages

Our attractive territory is composed of 14 municipalities which all have their own special features: located in the plains or in the Montagne Noire, urban or mainly rural. The area is home to a beautiful heritage, museums and a location for multiple activities … Come and discover.


Located in the Montagne Noire, not far from Mazamet, the village of Aiguefonde is full of charm. Surrounded by wilderness, fields and forests, it is an ideal area for fresh air, recharging one’s batteries and hiking (Walk to the Lacalm Caves and the Métairies d’Aiguefonde). Note that a very nice picnic area is located in Saint-Alby, incommune of Aiguefonde.



Aussillon is a village juxtaposed with Mazamet. Its destiny was linked for a long time to Mazamet and to the trading posts of the great industrial era of the valley (1850-1950), the famous era of the wool & textile industries. In the old village, you can still see the ruins of a medieval castle and the walls that once surrounded the village. A dynamic village which is full of life, many activities take place there throughout the year.

Aussillon City Hall website


Caucalières is a small town near Labruguière. The cliffs of its Causse which overhang the river Thoré and its limestone soil, give its territory its beautiful originality. Indeed, the Causse is a semi-desert plateau, with a particular nature (very few trees). Atypical place for nature lovers, for walking or cycling.  Come & discover !

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A small village located between Castres and Valdurenque, Lagarrigue is not without charm. A small church, a central square, and some shops are present in the village itself. In addition, a dynamic MJC (Youth and Cultural Centre) offers regular events. Its War Memorial, which has the particularity of beeing surrounded by cannons, is not to be missed.

Lagarrigue City Hall website 


Very close to Castres, village of the world-renowned conductor Georges Prêtre, Navès hosts every year a stage of the “Autan de Blues” Festival. To discover Navès and its gentle countryside, we recommend that you take the “Lo Camin de Las Peyras” trail, part of which follows the Camino de Santiago route. This magnificent walk passes through the village of Navès, in front of its church and winds through the surrounding pastoral nature.

Navès City Hall website


Let yourself be lulled by the rural atmosphere of Noailhac, a small village near Boissezon and Valdurenque. Ideal for recharging one’s batteries and for beautiful hikes (loop of the Forêts de Malous and Boucle du Ganoubre). The village church, Notre Dame de Noailhac is listed as a Historic Monument.

Noailhac City Hall website


A municipality surrounded by the rivers of the Thoré and La Durenque, Payrin-Augmontel is a village located not far from Mazamet. Note that a superb picnic area with a pond, games for children, a bird observatory, walking paths are located at the exit of the village. A beautiful detour!

Site de la Mairie de Payrin-Augmontel

Pont-de Larn

A municipality located in the immediate vicinity of Mazamet, Pont de l’Arn is a pleasant stopover.  Pont-de-Larn is home to the Golf de La Barouge, one of the most beautiful gold courses in Occitanie, with mountain views

Site de la Mairie de Pont-de-l’Arn


Located on the departmental road connecting Castres and Mazamet, the town of Valdurenque takes its name from the Durenque River which crosses the village: ‘Durenque’ valley in Occitan”. On these lands, you can see the Chateau de Gaix, dating from the 11th century, in the midst of the feudal period, which is still inhabited.

Site de la Mairie de Valdurenque