La Montagne Noire – Black Mountain

A masterpiece of wild beauty, the Montagne Noire is located in the departments of Tarn, Aude and Hérault. An ideal area for outdoor recreation and hiking, it is also a place steeped in history and rich in outdoor entertainment.

Montagne Noire, route des usines, Mazamet, Passerelle©Dav-Id
Sentiers de randonnée des Raynauds Montagne Noire

Discover its true nature

Why is it called the Montagne Noire ? It is so called because of the trees which give it its colour: beech, fir, spruce and chestnut. Admittedly, it can sometimes seem dark when the weather is not nice, but it is always a real treasure for anyone who dares to venture there. There are lakes, streams and rivers, pastoral atmosphere, lush forests and majestic viewpoints…

Montagne Noire ©Lutin du Bois
Balade en forêt Mazamet ©Dav-Id

The forest's call

Do you dream of an escape, wide open space and originality? Stretching over 70 km, the Montagne Noire should meet your expectations: many hiking trails are marked *, for all levels, on foot, by bike & also on horseback. A multitude of leisure activities in the great outdoors are also possible (tree climbing, canyoning, fishing, golf, swimming, etc.).

* printed routes available at the Tourist Office

La Rocque d'Hautpoul ©Paradoxe photo

Religiously yours

Catharism, wars between Catholics and Protestants, maquis and resistance fighters who hid Jews during the war … The Montagne Noire is an area steeped in history. The Cathar Museum, the “Au fil de la Laine” walk in Mazamet or the torchlight tours of Hautpoul, can teach you a little more about it.

Live in the Middle Ages for a weekend: find the Rocque d'Hautpoul during the medieval festivals of Hautpoul or during the archery competition.

A detour to the Pic de Nore

Very close to Mazamet, the Pic de Nore, is the highest peak of the Montagne Noire. Located in the Aude, it rises to over 1200m. At dizzying heights, we breathe in this haven of peace. It offers a unique panorama: you can contemplate the Pyrenees, the Mediterranean Sea, Corbières in the distance…

Pic de Nore ©Lutin du Bois

The time of love, friends and adventure ...

To beat, the heart of the Montagnes Noire never stops: throughout the year, many events take place there: village festivals, balls, concerts, farmers’ markets, cycle races, rallies … all bring life to the Montagnes Noire!

Informations Pratiques

The Montagne Noire stretches for 50 km from North to South (from Mazamet to Carcassonne) and for almost 70 km from East to West. It is full of natural and built treasures.

To discover in particular close to Mazamet :

Le Gouffre de Cabrespine et son Aventure Parc souterrain