Tarn’s sub-prefecture, stopover on the way to Saint-Jacques de Compostelle, birthplace of Jean Jaurès … Castres is a superb multi-faceted town that for sure will amaze you. A dynamic town with its museums, its landscaped parks and gardens, its many activities, its rugby club, Castres allows a multitude of activities, leisure, outings and escape: a magnificent stop!

Outline of Castres…

There was indeed a Roman camp in Castres in Antiquity, but it was especially in the Middle Ages that the town began to take shape. The colourful houses, linked to the textile activity – formerly the homes and workshops of tanners, weavers or dyers – are still lively witnesses. 

Built along the Agout river, Castres develops around Saint-Benoit Abbey, which will become Episcopal Palace before becoming City Hall / Goya Museum. Throughout history, Castres has not stopped developping.

la place Jean Jaurès à Castres

Renaissance and architectural masterpieces

In the 17th century, the city grew wealthy thanks, in particular, to the growth of trade. Rich merchants built sumptuous mansions whose architecture can still be admired today.

During the reign of Louis XIV, the royal gardener André Le Nôtre drew the Bishop’s garden, always superbly maintained. French-style garden, it is classified as a ‘Remarkable’ site.

Castres Town Hal

1, Rue de l'Hôtel de Ville - 81100 Castres
Tel : 05 63 71 58 58 - www.ville-castres.fr

Wonderful events!

Castres has many tourist assets: among other things its two museums of interest ( Goya and hispanic art museum, Jean Jaurès National Center and Museum), the riverboat “Le Coche d’eau”…

Many annual events: the Christmas Market, the Venetian Carnival , the classical music festival ” A portée de Rue  ” … Not to mention the matches of the Castres Rugby Club who are playing in France’s Top 14 league and is the pride of its inhabitants.

Coche d'eau sur l'Agout à Castres
Vive le Castres Olympique !

Tél. 05 63 82 10 60

Maisons sur l'Agout Castres

Future Goal

Modern and dynamic town, in perpetual improvement sectors (with numerous developments), it is an important industrial center, particularly in the mechanical, pharmaceutical and cosmetology sectors. It is the centre of the ‘Communauté d’Agglomération Castres-Mazamet’, it is constantly evolving (student centre, transport network, infrastructure …) : it is a city looking towards the future.

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