La Via Ferrata de Mazamet

Atypical, poetic and eternal,the old houses on the river are a typical poscard view of Castres. Formerly workshops of tanners, parchments makers or weavers, they are today a first-rate tourist showcase for the town of Castres. Homes..sweet homes…

Typical postcard view

The famous colourful houses of Castres, in pastel shades, are located in the very heart of the town. Directly overlooking the Agout river, they are half-timbered and date from the 13th century. Their marvelous façades have since been restored several times in order to preserve their delicate and medieval charm.

Stroll along the banks

Almost unreal, depending on the light, they are contemplated from the front along the banks or in a row from the various bridges of the town. But the hardest part will be to capture the best moment: the evening light, the change of weather, the reflections on the water … They are always beautiful and always different, so don’t forget your camera!

The Houses by night

In the evening, by nightfall, after a show or a dinner at the restaurant, you can come back to the colourful houses to see them luminated: another atmosphere, another style for enjoying an incredibly romantic moment. They are always so splendid ! During the Christmas market in Castres, they are also one of the many places where frescoes of lights are projected. Magical!

A trip on the riverboat

From May to September, enjoy a boattrip on the river Agout aboard the famous 'Le Miredames' and have a closer look at the coloured houses.