Located in the heart of the Montagne Noire, Mazamet is a charming town with more than ten thousand inhabitants. Rich with a glorious past, Cathar heritage and textiles in particular, endowed with a beautiful green heritage, it is a modern town looking towards the future!

Mazamet, au pied de la Montagne Noire, photo de Didier Ballester

A glorious past

Mazamet has been at the crossroads of several influences and cultures. If the medieval village of Hautpoul (former Mazamet) is often known for Catharism and quarrels between Catholics and Protestants, Mazamet is largely associated with the textile & wool industry. This textile past, with the work of ‘delaignage’ of wool in particular, made Mazamet a wealthy town in beween 1850-1950; the fame and the richness of the town was known world-wide.

Mazamet, plan d'une demeure de caractère, histoire du délainage.
Mazamet, ancienne Banque de France, parmi les plus importantes au niveau national en terme de volume financier lors de la période faste liée au délainage.
Voie verte Passa Païs - Mazamet - Bédarieux

A green heritage

Endowed with a rich natural heritage, it is an ideal location for leisure in the middle of nature, sports and hiking. Mountain biking, cycling and horse riding are also popular in the area. A “Passa Pais”, a cycle path, re-links Mazamet to Bédarieux (Hérault), offering all types of walkers & cyclists a long, bucolic path, stretching some 80 km, in the heart of the Parc Naturel Régional du Haut-Languedoc.

An active town

Mazamet is a dynamic town with a cinema, media library, concert hall, swimming pool/aquatic complex, restaurants, bars… Many activities take place there each year: the cycling race “La Jalabert“, Les “Floriales”, the Fanfares & the producers’ markets in summer, and many others.

Marché des producteurs à Mazamet ©Pascale Walter CDT TARN
Mazamet en fleurs, magnolia, la Halle ©Jeannette Camp
Mazamet vue de la Montagne Noire
Passerelle de Mazamet ©Jeannette Camp

A gateway, on the way to the future ...

Since September 2018, a ‘passerelle (suspension footbridge) has provided a new link to the medieval village of Hautpoul – over 140m long and 70m high. It’s the only one in Occitanie ! Atypical, designed with respect for the environment and dependent on a medieval village to a modern city, this gateway symbolizes in itself : the links that Mazamet maintains with nature, with its textile, religious and Cathar past; the town’s current dynamism and its vision for the future …

Vue depuis Hautpoul côté gorges

Discover Mazamet in 360 ° immersion

A big breath of fresh air, green in sight, quickly! Jump!

Mazamet vue du ciel
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