Les Gorges du Banquet

Situated next to Mazamet and St Amans-Soult, the gorges are an amazing and exceptional point of the Montagne Noire. Ideal for canyoning or climbing with an instructor. Ready for emotions?

Gorges du Banquet - canyoning Mazamet

A breathtaking site !

If you like strong sensations, nature or you are sporting, you will enjoy this site. Exceptional spot in the middle of a rich nature, with cliffs and a river, the Arn below. Amazing panoramic viewpoints far from any form of civilization. There are some hiking paths to join them.

Gorges du Banquet ©D. Ballester
Gorges du Banquet - canyoning ©Verticaleo

Security, sport and adrenalin

Perfect place for climbing and canyoning. But with an instructor. Jumps, passing in the river, climbing and having looks on magnificent panoramic viewpoints ! Adrenalin is for you !

Something like Canada

A vast lake, with fir trees – like in Canada. This is “Lac des St PEYRES”.

The Gorges receive the waters from the river Arn where a hydro electric dam was built in the 1920s. It is now a paradise for fishermen.

Lac des Saints Peyres

Gorges under gard

From the 10th century, the”Chateau de Montlédier” watches over the gorges and the valley. In 1000 years, it had different adventures, becoming a nightclub, then a hotel. And today, it seems to look for a new owner… for a new story.

Château de Montlédier ©J. Camp
Château de Montlédier ©J. Camp
Useful informations

The best access to the ST PEYRES lake is from the place named La Planète. Careful, no swimming allowed.

The Chateau de Montlédier is private. You can see it from the valley or walk through the GR36 going north wards

Canyoning and climbing must be practised with an instructor.

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