Nore Peak - Le Pic de Nore

On foot or by bike, gain some altitude and get your oxygen fix on the highest point in the Montagne Noire: Nore Peak. Sitting on the ridge line separating the Tarn and the Aude, it overlooks Mazamet and offers stunning 360° viewpoints. So, ready for an adventure?

Pic de Nore sous la neige ©Lutin des Bois

Sky High

Nore Peak is the highest summit in the Montagne Noire at 1211m above sea level. As going up on foot or by bike is no easy feat, it can of course be reached by car. After going through deep forests, you will be faced with a barren and windy summit, whose low vegetation is chiefly made up of heath shrubland. This peak is recognizable from far away thanks to the 100m-high red and white huge TV / Radio transmitter located at the top.

Pic de Nore et ses bruyères ©J. Camp
Pic de Nore table d'orientation ©J. Camp

Panoramic view

From Nore Peak, you will be able to enjoy a unique 360° panorama that is especially stunning at dusk. If the weather is clement, you can even spot the Pyrenees, the Mediterranean, the Corbieres mountain range, the Minervois, the Haut-Languedoc, the Lacaune mountain range and the Toulouse plains! Viewpoint indicators will help you figure out what you are looking at.

Hiking, cycling and sporting challenges

This place is a paradise for hikers and keen cyclists alike. You should know that many road bicycle races feature the Nore Peak. The Tour de France 2019 went up the Peak through Les Yès village, and so did the bicycle touring event “La Jalabert” – named after the Mazamet-born champion Laurent Jalabert.

Cyclosportive Jalabert Mazamet Pic de Nore ©UVM - Barthès
Black Mountain Trail ©BMT
Useful Information

Getting there : by car, a 30-minute drive from Mazamet (18km) to the summit (located in the Pradelles- Cabardès township)

Don’t forget to bring : water, suitable shoes and warm clothes. It’s always colder as you go higher.

Around the Nore Peak, explore the Lac des Montagnes and the Cabrespine Cave.