The chimes of Notre Dame de la Platé

Ding Dang Dong… Hearing the carillon of Notre-Dame de la Platé is always a nice surprise. But coming to see from up close the carillonneur playing, listen to his explanations and discover the view over the rooftops of Castres is another one! Very unusual!

Ring the bells!

In Castres, we hear the carillon singing since 1847! They are volunteer carillonneurs who kept playing on its keyboard since that time. It has 34 bells, the last one called “Emilie” having been added in 2016… Ding!

The sky over the roofs

In addition to seeing the chimes up close, you can enjoy a poetic view of the city: “the sky over the roofs ..”. Indeed, after having climbed its many steps, you will have won the right to attend a fabulous little concert while peacefully watching a part of Castres. … Dang!

Shooting session required!

You will access to the Carillon after going up the 120 steps. You will enjoy an exceptional view! (Open every first Sunday of the month at 11:00 am).

New face for Notre-Dame

The Notre-Dame de la Platé church is currently under renovation. It has in particular a dome, of pastel blue color, with celestial beauty as well as an impressive organ restored in the 1980s…Dong!

Listen to the chime sound (1)

Listen to the chime sound (2)

Practical information

Carillon Notre Dame de la Platé : Rue de la Platé, 81100 Castres


– Concert the 1st Sunday of the month at 11am

– Concert de “Nadalet” 17th-23rd December from 6.30pm and a Christmas concert on the 25th at 11am.

-Enter the bell tower at the rear of the church, the concerts are free.