The fine houses

Beautiful, remarkable,original… Words are numerous to qualify the exceptional houses you can see in Mazamet. Witnesses of a rich past, precious remains of a prosperous period, with an architecture next to perfection. Come and discover them when walking peacefully.

Demeures de caractère Mazamet, Le Grand Balcon
Demeure de caractère Mazamet

Au fil de la laine

To discover the beautiful houses of Mazamet, we suggest to follow  “Au fil de la laine”, a circuit made for you, with notice-boards ; they will teach you about these houses and their origin, about the industrial history of the valley, the fellmongering and the “comptoirs d’achats” (trading posts), which were at the origin of the wealth of the town.

Demeures de caractère Mazamet, Caisse d'Epargne
Demeure de caractère Mazamet

A mirror of "the Belle Epoque"

Walking around the residential areas, you will see exceptional houses, with original architectures. Inherited from the prosperous period of fellmongering, fine houses with different styles (neoclassical, palladian and south American style), in the middle of flowers and trees. This nice walk will show you the ancient wealth and often invite you to be full of admiration. La Maison Fuzier, la Villa Ermo, le Grand Balcon are superb examples of this “Belle Epoque”.

Each one with its style

With different styles, these fine houses have either  an austere style for protestants because they could not show their wealth ; or are inspired by trading posts, the places where the Mazamet industrials used to work (haciendas, for example).

Useful informations

To discover the fine houses of Mazamet, follow the circuit "au fil de la laine”. With the notice-boards, you will learn about them, their origin, the industrial history of the valley, fellmongering and” comptoirs d’achats”. Ask the the Tourist Office.