Top 5 Most Beautiful Photo Spots

The Castres Mazamet area has some splendid views. Mountain peaks, panoramic & unique views, we will show you our 5 best postal… cards: place to the “aces” !

The beauty, the atmosphere and the unusual aspect of these spots are the essential criteria of our selection.

Panorama depuis Notre Dame d'Hautpoul ©J. Camp

Our Ace of Hearts: Our Lady of Hautpoul

This first choice shows his true colors. Located on the heights of the village of Hautpoul, on a rocky peak, this ‘belvedere’ offers a panoramic view over the Mazamet entire valley. We are easily won over by emotion as the view is delightful and sensational: a real crush!

The statue of the Virgin, magnificent “success”, watches over the valley and its inhabitants.

Our ace of diamonds: the Pont Biais, Castres

To surprise you, we also “bet” on this sumptuous photo spot: a succession of views of the Agout river with the famous colourful houses on one side and the bishop’s garden and the town center on the other.

A word of advice: do not stay on the ground but take the opportunity to explore the essentials of Castres, right next door, such as Bishop’s garden or the Goya Museum …

Vue en grimpant le Causse ©Lutin du Bois

Our Ace of Spades: Causse, Caucalières

Located between Castres and Mazamet, this photo spot should also “pique” your curiosity, because the Causse is not lacking in assets. Limestone plateau, crossed by the river Thoré and bordered by cliffs, you can breathe in this haven of peace, relatively deserted and bare.

It’s a unique place, a great little Mistigri card game from our selection! A must-see on the Causse: the Chapel of Notre-Dame de Sanguinou.

Our Ace of Clubs: Plo de la Bise, Mazamet

This ace should not leave you “poker face”: on the D118 road between Mazamet and Carcassonne, the view of Mazamet, Hautpoul, the Arnette Valley and the surrounding area is unbeatable.

A few parking spaces and a picnic area, accessible after a flight of stairs, allow it to fare well with this selection.

Point de vue du Plô de la Bise route Carcassonne Mazamet

Our 5th Ace: Notre-Dame de la Platé, Castres

Certainly, you will not be able to really cheat with this 5th ace: from the start, you will have to climb the 120 steps to access the carillon bells. But, you will then discover an exceptional view over the rooftops of the city!

In addition to a small concert, the carillonneur will show you the the down side of the cards: explanations and anecdotes about the beautiful building. This spot is indeed a magnificent “joker”. (opening hours)

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