Local Specialties

The Castres Mazamet area also has its culinary specialties: Pumpet and Castraise nougatine. Gourmets, lovers of good food or simply curious, discover our delicious local dishes: “made in aqui”!


La Bougnette

La “Bougnette” is a local cooked pork meat.

Its composition is like “Melsat”. It is a mixture of bread, eggs and pork meat ; minced belly of pork, cooked in oven ; it is a marvellous and original  starter.


Le Frésinat

Le Frésinat : a delicious dish made with pork meat and potatoes; formely cooked when the pork was slaughtered. Nowadays, the pork meat which is used for the dish is not used for other preparations. And you add garlic, parsley and onions; it is absolutely delicious.


Le Melsat

Made with bread, eggs and pork meat. It is a speciality of the South of Tarn. It can be cold or fried. With some vegs or a lettuce, it is excellent!


Nougatine Castraise

It’s the culinary specialty of Castres.

A well-kept secret for 4 generations by two local families, it is a small candy made from almonds, coated with “royal ice”, that is to say a special mixture of sugar and egg whites. No doubt you will succumb to the delicate charms of this delicious candy!


The Pumpet

Under this funny name hides a delicious lemon cake!

Pumpet (pronounced Poum’Pet ’) is a pastry from the South of Tarn and the Montagne Noire made from puff pastry, butter and lemon. Its recipe comes from the 8th century and was imported by the Sarazins. Recognised as a local specialty, it generally makes all who taste it very happy!