Capucine Fleurs



Roxane Maffre, Meilleur Ouvrier de France and manager of Capucine Fleurs, knows flowers and knows how to enhance them while respecting the environment and the seasons.
His advice for putting a bouquet in a vase:
– cut the stems of the flowers, before putting the bouquet of flowers in a vase, cut the stems bevel about 1 cm under running water with a knife without teeth. Split the ends of the stems in half so that they can better absorb water and remove unnecessary leaves.
– Clean the vase containing the bouquet of flowers.
– Cut the flower stems every two or three days, beveled under running water at the same temperature as the part.
– Insert a branch of ivy to avoid stagnant water in the vase.
– Keep the bouquet away from heat.


All year round.


Capucine Fleurs
Rue Assémat Rives
81200 Mazamet

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