A Portée de Rue

What is “A Portée de Rue”? It’s a classical music festival in the heart of Castres, where the classics among Classic are often played: classical? Classy rather! Open wide your ears!

3 “classic” evenings

This free event takes place every year in mid-July, for 3 evenings. It allows everyone to come and listen to one or more high-class classical music concerts outdoors in a relaxed atmosphere. Let the music play!

World-class level

The Festival exists since many years and Castres knows surely the music. These concerts, a pleasure for eyes and ears, take place outside in sumptuous places of the center of Castres: Town Hall courtyard, forecourt of Notre-Dame de the Platé Church orin front of the Theatre or some of the 17th century mansions (the places change every year). Chic, yes!

Eternal melodies

String quartet, pianos, harps or organs: the musicians will show their full talent, expressing their virtuosity. Technique, delicacy and immortal melodies are to be expected! They regularly give pride of place to certain masterpieces of Bach, Mendelssohn, Mozart or Chopin. The emotion is often at its peak until the evening endswith starry notes filling your head.

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