Autan de Blues

Each year in mid-winter, a wind of music, freedom and humanity comes to blow on our territory for our greatest happiness: it is the return of the festival “Autan de Blues”, a blues music festival that takes place in Castres in Castres, Mazamet and their surroundings, oh yeah!

A roving festival

A number of towns and villages in the area host at least one concert of this roving festival spread over several days, between the end of January and the beginning of February. Obviously, beautiful perfomance halls “Lo Bolegason” in Castres,”Rond-Point” in Labruguière  and “le Tortill’Art” in Saint-Amans Soult are associated with this event.

All the music we love ...

Half of the concerts at this festival are free, with a wide range of foreign artists known on the  underground circuits. Therefore, the styles are very varied but always remain linked directly or indirectly to the blues: energetic country, sticky rock, acoustic blues, garage psyche, rough heavy rock or twilight folk … Plenty to please your ears!

 A vast and varied program

In addition to concerts, photo exhibitions, conferences or film screenings are generally part of the program!

Come and warm your hearts at the concerts of this festival! Guaranteed escape!