Black Mountain Trail®

It is THE trail of the Black Mountain. Runnings, gourmet hikings, friendly meals and DJ nights are the main animations of this nice event. Every year, in the middle of March. Ready?

Black Mountain Trail® ©BMT

Runnings, of course

This trail proposes runnings with different levels. The most difficult,”Coupo Cambo”, a distance of 50 kms with a difference in altitude of 3500 m. You will have to be fit and courageous and have an excellent mental to do it.

Sur la ligne de départ, Black Mountain Trail® ©BMT
Black Mountain Trail® ©BMT

Young heroes

There is a running for children, very short, 1km; for them, between 8 and 12 years old. They will spend a good time with awards and sweets. A gourmet hiking is proposed to good walkers, who like to discover our products.

And ...

Other different levels are proposed ...

Black Mountain Trail ©BMT

A festive athmosphere

Before the departure, an Italian Night is organized. This is a friendly moment before the effort. After the running, a night, with “tartiflette”, animations and DJ, to finish nicely this event.

Nuit du trail - Black Mountain Trail ©BMT
Practical informations : you must have :

Water, at least 1l ; survival blanket ; some food ; a frontal lamp (just for the 55 kms runners)