Le Rallye de la Montagne Noire

Race cars, dangerous turns, adrenaline and spectacle, it’s a mix of all in the Rallye de la Montagne Noire!

This sensational race takes place every summer in July, on the roads surrounding Castres & Mazamet.

Rallye Montagne Noire Mazamet ©Ecurie Montagne Noire

A race on the whole region

This rally is a golden opportunity to see a great car race in the region. For 3 days, with departures from Castres and Mazamet, come see extraordinary vehicles race for the title. Here, in the mountainous part in particular, it is a treat for the spectator: winding and hilly roads, ravines, hairpin turns, clay, stony terrain, an asphalt jungle … A different and spectacular way to come and discover the south of Tarn, our large natural spaces and the nearby villages.

Rallye Montagne Noire ©Ecurie Montagne Noire
Rallye Montagne Noire ©Ecurie Montagne Noire
Rallye Montagne Noire ©Ecurie Montagne Noire

May the best driver win !

The tires screech, the speed is high… You have to be a hell of a driver to drive these racing cars, which you will see go wild! The challenge is getting bigger and bigger every year. This rally is also a part of the French 2nd division championship. Be careful to respect the safety instructions so as not to interfere with the race, but do not hesitate to encourage the participants.

Rallye Montagne Noire ©Ecurie Montagne Noire

« Easy Rider »

If you are a speed lover or an experienced driver, you have the possibility of participating in free practice sessions the day before the race (under certain conditions, see organiser); but here too, you have to be quick and reactive, because places often govery quickly. Thrills guaranteed!

Rallye Montagne Noire ©Ecurie Montagne Noire
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