The Venetian Carnival

By the light of the moon, I take my pen to write you a short message  … on the Venetian Carnival of Castres.

Each year, during the 3rd weekend of March, a carnival takes place, an unmissable event in our “Little Venice of Haut-Languedoc”. Multicolored parades, flamboyant costumes and entertainment with Italian flavours: Bellissimo!

3 days of colorful dreams

The Venetian Carnival in Castres is 3 days of rich and varied programming: wanderings of France and Castres Venitian Masked, performance at the Theatre, spectacular show on the water, delicious Italian market …

Ideal for a dream weekend with your family, your Colombine or your Pierrot.

"Festa sull’acqua" or aquatic enchantment

Ones does not have to make a comedy (dell’Arte) to attend and enjoy the ‘Festa sull’acqua ‘, a night show on the Agout river in the center of Castres.

Dancers and acrobats, subtle lightings and gondolas sailing peacefully in front of the eternal Houses on the Agout are part of this magical, luminous and completely unusual animation. A magical moment!!!

"Dances with wolves"

The wanderings and strolls of the Masques – from France, Castres and Venice – are a great opportunity to see their sumptuous costumes. They are real works of art: satin, silk and noble materials of all kinds, glitter, jewelry …

Nothing is too much to have an extraordinary and extravagant outfit. Some of them have sometimes even won awards at the Venice Carnival!

La Dolce Vita

What is a beautiful event without sweetness?

The Venetian Carnival of Castres is no exception to this rule! You will find many opportunities to enjoy an Italian aperitif on the Place Jean Jaurès as well as a market of products with the sweet scent of Italy on the Place Pierre Fabre. The sweetness in the taste buds?

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All the activities are free of charge.

By the light of the moon, I leave my pen and conclude this close this short message:

The Carnival will always be with us

Eyes full of stars

But whatever

It was fabulous

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