Pleasant stroll in the Sidobre

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Le Sidobre is nearby Castres Mazamet.

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It is a natural granitic territory where there are many massive rocks of several tonnes!

They have been sculpted by Nature et have unusually shapes: "Goose", "Peyro Clabado", "the three cheeses", "Napoleon’s hat"… Discover the main sites and most beautiful rocks of the Sidobre by walking and hiking on this mythical territory: "Chaos of la Rouquette", "The Merle lake", "The Trout leap"… Put on some sturdy shoes and explore the mysterious valleys and heights of legendary Sidobre!

An extra tip

Nearby Castres, Burlats is a small village at the edge of Sidobre. Things to see: the Adelaïde Pavillon, the ancient collegiale church, the remains of the 14th century ramparts and the banks..