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Houses on the Agout river

Le long de la rivière Agout - CastresFree access

Unusual, poetic and timeless, the multicoloured houses on the Agout are a picture postcard vision of Castres.

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Formerly workshops of tanners, parchment makers or weavers, these colorful houses with pastel shades are half-timbered and date from the 13th century.

Their marvelous facades have since been restored several times in order to saveguard their delicate and medieval charm.

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Maisons sur l'Agout 6 - (c) Office de Tourisme Castres Mazamet

Almost unreal depending on the light, they can be contemplated from the front along the river banks or from the different bridges of the city. The most difficult thing will be to capture the best moment to observe them: the evening lights, the changes of weather, the reflections on the water.

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